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About us

        Egyptian Libraries Network is the first and only web site that provides searching the Egyptian Libraries databases via the Internet. Thus, to implement the IDSC strategy in disseminating the use of information technology in the Egyptian society.

        ELN was launched in February 8th , 1998 by Mrs. Suzan Mubarak, The First Lady of Egypt.

You could search the database of any library, or use the ELN Union Catalog to search most of the libraries' databases just in one step.

• Allowing users to search the libraries’ catalogues in Arabic and English by using different entries (Author, title, keyword, publisher, publication date, …) or a combination of different entries to obtain a full bibliographic data for each document.
• Serving all researchers and academicians to save their time, and effort by allowing these catalogues at their fingertips.
• Facilitating interlibrary loan, cooperative cataloging between different libraries.
• Brings together the wealth of Egyptian libraries collection

In addition to the main objective of the site that allows the Libraries in Egypt to be at your finger tips, it also provides the following directories that offer information about the librarianship and publishing society in Egypt:
Egyptian Libraries Directory
Offers full information about academic, special, and public libraries in Egypt.
Publishers Directory

Includes contact information about different publishers in Egypt in different fields of interest.
Librarians Directory
Includes Information of Librarians in Egypt.

ELN News
• ELN has participated in the Global Bangemann Challenge in 1999 and thereby contributed to advance the development of the information society locally and globally
• ELN was chosen as one of the most outstanding web sites that collects intellectual wealth all over the world. The site is added to many other web sites as University of Amsterdam site which links it’s visitors to many interesting, sociologically relevant locations in cyberspace

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